Will this crazy millionaire lose all his money?

In a surprising announcement, Drake revealed his new website and mobile app, which wants to help people by giving them an opportunity of winning life-changing amount of money!

Photo: Aston Bean.

Aubrey Drake Graham, known as Drake, is a wacky 32-year-old rapper and internet entrepreneur who has made more than 958 million dollars through the development and selling apps. Today, Drake announced that he is offering 100 Free Spins and $ 500 in bonuses to anyone who tries his new game Casumo. After only a few minutes, you can already become a millionaire.

Drake has developed a new, never seen before game where you can win more than 3 million CAD every second without any strategy or talent. The amount of money that can be won continues to grow steadily every day! For now his website is only accessable from Canada, but he plans an expansion and in the US and Europe in 2019.

How Drake's Casumo game Turns You Into A Millionaire:

1. Sign up with Casumo Registrations close on 30 January 2019 or when the spots are filled up!
2. Make a small deposit of $20 and receive SURPRISE bonus + higher winning chance!
3. Receive 100 FREE spins + $500 Welcome Bonus!
4. Automatically connects with Casumo's algorthm that multiplies the chance of winning 127 times!

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Casumo is for those who no longer want to work and no longer want a regular job” said Drake in an exclusive interview for CNN.

“I guarantee you: after you play my game and win, you will want to quit your job immediately. Today is the last chance! Over time the payout odds will be adjusted, but for now, you would be crazy not to play, as it is impossible to lose. Once you have won the jackpot you can leave all your problems behind, pack your things and just sip cocktails for the rest of your life”, Drake added.

Drake's Casumo offers games with a 127-fold chance increase of winning millions over other normal jackpot games on the Internet. That's because Casumo games are tied to a patented algorithm active simultaneously on 74 stock markets around the globe, earning millions through stock trading every day.

“I no longer worry about earning money. Truth is, I made so much with my rap career and other Internet businesses in the past, that even with my lifestyle of private jets and fast cars, I can't spend it all in a life time. I know that not everyone has been as lucky as I was in life, and through this app I want to share my good fortune with everyone else. You yourself can become a millionaire playing this game only after few minutes,” he says.

“Casumo is different than any of our competitor's platforms! 12 minutes. This is how much it takes on average for someone in our game to win a life changing amount of cash. And by life changing, I mean you no longer need to worry about money...ever,” he laughs.

And truth is Drake has kept his promise so far. In fact, players have won more than 142 million dollars since his app officially launched. Within the last week alone 3 players won 4 million dollars playing Starburst.

Dylan is one of the players who weren't scared to try their luck playing the Starburst game. He won $465.443,00 dollars last week.

Dylan was so happy with the money he won that he didn't hesitate sending our editorial team a screenshot of his bank account. Take a look below! What a lucky guy!

Ethan Smith is another lucky winner. He earned 2.13 million dollars with the investment of only 80 dollar. This allowed him to quit his office job the second he saw the money were in his account.

“After you win, the money is transferred to your account in a matter of a day. We made it super easy for everyone to get their winning. You have to just choose your preferred method of transfer and you will receive the money within 24 hours. Then you are free to spend your winings as you please. No questions asked!”, says Drake.

To get 100 free spins + $500 welcome bonus, win millions and change your life:

1. Visit the offical site - Casumo Registrations close on 30 January 2019 or when the spots are filled up!
2. Fill in the required information and double check everything.
3. Make a small deposit to unlock a SURPRISE bonus + multiplied chance of winning the progressive jackpot!
4. Play until you are happy with how much you have won.

Casumo is a registered casino in Canada and everyone is allowed to play, as long as you are 18 or over.

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Pro Tip: Deposit $ 20 to unlock a special bonus!